Steven G Carpenter
Somatic Intuitive Life Coach
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Do you ever feel… “there must be more to life than this”!? 
For me that voice became so loud that I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. 
Through intense self-observation and practical everyday life experiments, I came to some profound realizations.  
One of the most significate was that I realized that perception is everything! 
When I am not feeling good, it is only because my perception is not in alignment with who I truly am. 
So, I have learnt to bring myself back to peace by listening to my body.
I am currently helping people to view their lives through a more LOVING perspective. 

Its a knowing...

I have an unwavering commitment to the path I have chosen, with consistency and discipline being the corner stone of all my daily practices. This relentless drive to "keep on Keeping on" is what has gotten me through some very dark nights of the soul.
My body has taught me so many beautiful lessons, it is powerful and has always been there for me.
My body was there for me through...
  • The pain and suffering of an Auto Immune disease
  • 11 Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon Jungle
  • ​7 Nights Fasting in a Darkness retreat in Germany
  • 3 Iboga ceremonies
  • ​Countless (stopped counting after 50) Psylocibin ceremonies, indoors and out in the mountains across the country
  • 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation sitting
  • Daily cold ocean swims and numerous ice baths
I continuously put my body in these extreme conditions because this is how I learn more about myself. I have been given the gift of seeing pain and suffering from a more Loving perspective as a result of these practises, and this is where all my healing has come from.  Everything I have learnt and everything I teach is as a result of personal experience - a KNOWING! It has not come from reading books (although I have studied many different teachers) but rather from me embodying through personal experience.   I bring these KNOWINGS to YOU in our sessions!
This isn't just my personal tale, it is an invitation for you to embrace your authenticity and embark on your own profound journey of self discovery.

Are you ready for REAL Change?

Are you at a point in your life where you have had enough of YOURSELF!
You are tired of playing the role of YOU! There is this inner voice that is pleading with you for change!

You may be struggling with any one of the following :
Anger, Pain, Depression, Negative Emotions, Auto Immune diseases, Lack of Purpose, Self Worth, Trusting your Intuition, Abandonment or Self Love. 

As painful as this may seem, you are actually in an extremely beautiful place. Your higher self is calling for you to step into the most authentic version of yourself. After all there can only be ONE YOU! 
If you feel like you need help in your life to find new perspectives and step into a more authentic and powerful version of yourself, 
I am here for you.

I offer personalised guidance that can immediately be put into action.  We explore different solutions to everyday challenges that you may have and then choose a solution that feels right for you.

For a free 15 minute consultation call,  
send me a WhatsApp

if you have any questions, send me an email

The Pure Love Community

"Steven is both a gentle guide and fierce warrior.
His personal journey provides the backbone for his focused commitment to and belief in his own purpose and the highest good for all people. Through his experience and dedication to striving for his higher self he guides us to understanding how pushing deeper into hardship and suffering, forges true strength and allows us to move deeper into ourselves and our true power.
This experience has crystallised my intention, reinforced my self belief and laid open a bright and exciting future.
Thank you Steven!
I look forward to a long relationship with you".
Craig R - CEO, Cape Town
"Steven is so handsome and so kind" :-)
Everyone - The Universe
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